Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Man, the amount of time this workout takes is starting to takes its toll on us.

Josh didn't work out on Friday or he did Friday's workout on Sunday and Saturday's on Monday. I didn't workout on Saturday (I was gone for Bshels bachelorette party all day/night) and since Josh caught up on Sunday...I didn't workout that day. We got back on track on Monday...only to not workout last night. It's just getting overwhelming. At first it was somewhat easier....but now it's not just Josh that is working. I have started my training again and so we're working around 2 schedules. Once school gets started for me it will get a little more consistant...but there will probably still be a few nights we won't be able to work out. For instance...the first day of school. I'm sure I will be there till about 8...and wouldn't get to Josh's till about 9....and wouldn't get home till about 10:30...and thats too late for me.

I do think that our determination has faded somewhat...but not enough to stop the program. Just enough to push us back a little bit.

Instead of a 90 day guess is that it will take us about 105 days. Still not TOO bad, I suppose.

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