Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Man, the amount of time this workout takes is starting to takes its toll on us.

Josh didn't work out on Friday or he did Friday's workout on Sunday and Saturday's on Monday. I didn't workout on Saturday (I was gone for Bshels bachelorette party all day/night) and since Josh caught up on Sunday...I didn't workout that day. We got back on track on Monday...only to not workout last night. It's just getting overwhelming. At first it was somewhat easier....but now it's not just Josh that is working. I have started my training again and so we're working around 2 schedules. Once school gets started for me it will get a little more consistant...but there will probably still be a few nights we won't be able to work out. For instance...the first day of school. I'm sure I will be there till about 8...and wouldn't get to Josh's till about 9....and wouldn't get home till about 10:30...and thats too late for me.

I do think that our determination has faded somewhat...but not enough to stop the program. Just enough to push us back a little bit.

Instead of a 90 day guess is that it will take us about 105 days. Still not TOO bad, I suppose.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I will update tomorrow.

sorry if you've been checking. :(

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Go

Today was a very busy...for both of us. I went out with my mom and sister this morning/afternoon. Then I went to Four Day Weekend to buy tickets for Brachele's bachelorette party, then Hobby Lobby for last minute gifts for her. My Aunt Olli asked if I could babysit Ben so I picked him up from Harvest then I had to volunteer at the West Side Summer Reading Program at Seven Hills Elem. By the time we were done and I took Ben to Brandy Chris's and got to Josh's it was 10:00. We still had to eat. I know it's a big excuse but there is no way we can workout at 10:45!

Josh didn't get home until like 7:30 from he was completely exhausted.

Needless to say...instead of the post from earlier, we'll be looking like this:


I have been pretty busy and haven't had a chance to update the blog. Monday was the "Rest or X Stretch" day. We had a chance to relax a little bit and stretch all of our muscles. Although I really wish everyone could have seen Josh. There were so many stretches that he couldn't do too well. One was when we had to lay on our backs put both legs up (straight), and then lift our but up (to stretch our back and hamstrings). Oh my was so funny! Josh kept falling over and kept saying, "My stomach keeps getting in the way!" HAHA...Good thing we're doing P90X then babe, right? :)

Tuesday we had to workout without each other. Brent had a show and I went with my family to watch him play. So, I worked out (Chest and Back) in the afternoon and Josh did it in the evening. It was better this time. I mean...I'm not stud with the push ups yet...but I did better. If I did 10 push ups last week I tried to 3-5 more this week. I am still on my knees...don't let the numbers fool you. Then on the 2nd round I tried to maintain that number. For example, last week I did 10 standard push ups the first round. The 2nd round I did 5. This week I did 15 on round 1 and either 14 or 15 on round 2 (I can't remember exactly). Josh said he did better too but that the pull ups killed him. I don't really use the bar b/c I'm not even close to getting one pull up. I use the bands for now.

Yesterday was Plyometrics. And I have to say it was better than the crap we did last week. We only did it for 30 minutes last week. I still couldn't do the whole thing but I tried to stay with it for 40 minutes this week. Josh did the whole workout...good job baby! I hope I can keep up with him next week.

Watch out 80 days we'll be THIS kind of couple!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pain in the butt

We didn't get to work out on Friday...we were moving ALL day and when we got done (around 11) we were WAY too tired. So we did legs and back yesterday. It was a good workout, but holy crap. My butt, legs, and back hurt soooo bad today. I'm scared to do Kenpo...I'm afraid I won't be able to do any of it.

85 more days. We're almost done with Week 1...I have to keep telling myself that.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I didn't write yesterday because it was a CrAzY day! I got back from College Station around 1:30, packed up my apartment, moved a few things, worked out, then came back and painted until 12 AM. So, I was extremely tired!

BUT...the workout. My days are mixed up because of my quick trip. So, today was Arms and Shoulders. It was good workout...except I REALLY need heavier weights. I need to go get them soon. I mean, it was tough...but a good tough. I was definitely working my muscles but not killing myself at the same time. My shoulders are sore but not too bad. I'm more worried about how it's gonna feel tomorrow.

Josh did Yoga yesterday....I really wish I could have seen that. Probably would have made my day. That guy is totally not flexible. Maybe on day 90 he'll be able to do this....


Today is going to be interesting. I have to finish moving today. When my dad and Josh get off work they're coming over to load the couch (which is abnormally heavy), and the washer and dryer. So, that won't be till about 7ish. So it will be a late workout tonight. Legs and Back today...I think. I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow (just like the horrible plyometrics).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is going to be a quick entry....about to leave for College Station.

I did Yoga today...excited to do something "easy." HAHA! WOW, that is a butt kicker too! But I couldn't do it full out today because I was learning all the poses. I had to watch half the time then do them the other half. After I learn them all it will be easier to do it with them. An hour and a half is a LONG time. I thought it would go by the other ones but it doesn't. I was struggling till the last 40 mins. Then it was all stretching and balancing...still hard but not cruciating. Am I the only person that things yoga is this difficult?!?! :(

I hope Josh's workout goes well tonight....